The Apocalypse For Art?

I just put out a post two days back but the dog filter debacle wouldn’t let me be at peace till I wrote a piece about it. Now, before I get to dissecting and deciphering the root of the Bhakt blasphemy, there’s one thing I want to make very clear and i.e., I really love my country. From hereon everything I say needs to be understood at a logical and human level. So, I clearly don’t expect narrow-minded creepily-nationalistic nitwits to process any of these arguments, which all of us have always believed to be termed as ‘common sense’.

I’ll be honest. I am scared. I left the country 6 months back to study after getting rid of a 14 month long court case because of an FIR that was filed against me at a comedy show. I took the entire thing with a pinch of salt and thought it was plain bad luck and partly my stupidity. But, I guess I was wrong. This is the beginning of the age of illogical offence taking. Observing the state of affairs objectively, I feel we’re doomed. I am scared it’s the start of the end for the freedom to express without scary nationalistic goons getting riled up without analysing the intent behind a joke. That makes me think, what the fuck do these guys find funny? What do they laugh at? Why don’t we have any creative right-wingers hitting an open mic and teaching us how to be funny? You know why? Because they can’t do jack shit alone. They thrive in numbers. Their strength is in knowing that they are a group (I’d more likely say ‘a gang’) of misdirected and highly bored but crazy enough attention seekers who believe that orange is the new black.

I am scared. It’s simple, they have an edge. They are physically united with a strong leadership and brainwashed ideas born out of poverty and rampant illiteracy. It’s homegrown terrorism. That’s what it is. You can’t even completely blame the police very honestly. It’s an oppressive system even to the protectors and everyone is trying to save their jobs. Have you ever been inside a police station on a casual Thursday? They don’t want to deal with 50 saffron-clad influentially-backed passionate pawns shouting on the top of their voices against a stupid Snapchat. Also, why are these goons on Snapchat? What are their snap stories like? A picture of a beaten up honest journalist with the caption ‘About Last Night’ or a picture of a cow that reads ‘Mumma’s boy’? It’s ridiculous.

I am scared. Worried that every time something like this happens, I start contemplating on even coming back. My intention was to learn comedy in New York and return to contribute to my home scene, but events like these just make me contemplate. I can’t deal with any more FIRs or wasting my hard earned money on sweet devils called lawyers. I think there’s a larger problem that no one is foreseeing. Soon, these goons will not listen to even their leaders because power corrupts people. Once they realise that they’re a strong force that can lynch about change and execute tyranny, they’ll disband and we’ll be at the brink of a civil war just confused about whom or why are we fighting.

I am scared. But, I am also hopeful. It’s because every social conflict has only birthed more art. The crusades, wars and revolutions, all have resulted in artistic renaissances. It’s the fight to curb freedom of expression that will compel us to create and display in different forms that we never expected could’ve been explored. And that’s where we’ll win. Their illogical but passionate resistance will fuel our imagination and give us fodder to vent art in every form. Not just comedy, but poetry, craft and every other form of expression will just accentuate to a point of spiritual depth because the end goal will be to make an impact and manifest the victory of creativity and integrity.

I am scared, these FIR filing close-minded bandits have no clue the magnitude of the creative revolution they are birthing by resisting ideas that are waiting to be born.

I am scared, for them. Jai Hind.



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